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Anime Review – Amnesia


Rating : 9/10

I found a surprising amount of negative reviews about this anime. It is based off of a series of otome games and although I haven’t played them (yet) I found the anime really adorable. It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on because they keep switching routes with each character randomly to try and replicate the game play, but you do catch on by the the third episode or so what’s going on. The anime is about a girl who’s name is never mentioned once, but I’ve seen throughout the internet that she’s often referred to as ‘The Heroine’. She’s in a state of amnesia and accompanied by a fairy to help guide her to finding her memories again. Just as she would in the game, she has a choice of 4 guys as a love interest. Every time she’s in a tragic accident, ex. Falling off of a cliff, getting hit by a car, etc, she wakes up later to find herself in her own bed or a hospital bed or some place where she’s perfectly fine. Every time one of these accidents happens and she wakes up, she’s on a different route and dating one of these 4 guys. Although it sounds like it’s based off of romance, the anime is more of a guessing game and keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next as the main character tries to find out more about herself and figure out why she’s dating someone new every time she wakes up. Basically, she’s just as confused as we are until things finally start to come together in the end. It’s a 12 episode anime and although a lot of people would like to know what’s going on sooner, I think things are paced pretty well for how short it is and I think it’s worth the wait and anticipation. I will admit that they did get a bit of a higher rating from me because of the attractiveness of the characters, but besides that I did find the story really enjoyable.


One comment on “Anime Review – Amnesia

  1. lealea477
    September 15, 2014

    I have two words for you: diabolik lovers
    *each episode is only 15 minutes long*
    It’s made by the same people.

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