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Sword Art Online Sinon Sniper Prop

I haven’t actually watched Sword Art Online yet, but a friend of mine asked me to help out with Sinon’s sniper from season 2. She was going to cosplay her and since I wanted to gain more experience in making props, I ended up making the whole thing (whoops!)

This is only my second prop compared to my Yoko Littner gun which I’m going to be redoing.

I wish I had taken more pics during the process, but this is what I have to show and the list of things I used.


PVC pipe
PVC Pipe Fittings
Foam Boards
Foam Sheets
Hot Glue
Dowel Rod
Heavy Duty Glue
Metal Sheets
Spray Paint
X-acto Knife

Luckily for me, my dad is in construction and he has a lot of scrap pieces laying around so I don’t have to go out of my way to get pipes and fittings and whatever else so I don’t exactly know what each thing is, he just kinda brought a box of things that could be useful when making it, but either way it’s all up to what you’re making and what shapes work for you. This just happens to be what I have and what I used.




So this is Sinon’s actual sniper. I’ll put more references I used at the end of the post in case anyone is looking to make it too!




Most of the gun is made out of foam board and foam sheets. I used the PVC pipe to line everything up to so as I built it, it would line up and be the right size and blah blah. But yeah, first part is the stock. I used the foam sheet to line the part that sits on the shoulder since it curves.



I’m not really sure how to explain each part. I feel like it’s pretty self explanatory since I’m just cutting out pieces of foam board and sticking it onto the PVC pipe. The only thing is though is that I left the inside hollow so it’s light weight and I can put the pipe through.




I’m layering it so it doesn’t look flat. Almost anywhere that it’s curved like the stock or the grip, I use foam sheets. They’re thin and soft and they wrap things like that tightly.


That top part is where it started to get complicated for me because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Plus one side was taller than the other and one side (the side facing you rn) has slants in it, while the other side is flat, so I needed it to line up without being awkwardly shaped or uneven by time it got to the other side. I’m really not sure how to explain what I did.


This is the other side, the flat un-angled side that I was afraid of making something too angled and throwing it off. It takes a bit of playing around and doing it hands on is better to see how it lines up. I really suck at explaining, but that’s because it was a learning process for me too.


Again, the ejection port is foam sheet.



This is how tall it ended up being.

The only difference from where I had started in the beginning is that I changed the position of the PVC pipe to go through where the ejection port and stuff is instead of the main part with the stock.


The only part the dowel rod and clay was needed for was that lever thingy (Can you see how much I know about guns haha). The dowel rod is obviously the stick and I used the clay just to make a ball at the end.


Sorry for my cat lmao


Spray paint. Spray paint. Spray paint.
Primed it.
Silver paint.
Charcoal paint.
Brown paint.


And this is my finished product.

The scope is what I used pvc pipe fittings for. Stacked up some pieces of foam board to give it height and have something to sit on. Wrapped a piece of foam over both the board and the pipe so that it secured it down and gave it a nice look.


In the end my dad took my gun and put metal sheets over the ejection port, magazine and whatever that thing is on top of the stock idk I was just trying to follow the reference. You can use metal sheets or do what I originally did and just spray paint it silver.




Again, this is only the second cosplay gun I’ve made and it was actually a really detailed one. Let me know how it is!
And I hope any of the pictures or descriptions helped you!



More Sinon reference pics :

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