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Uniqso Bueberry Chariot Blue Contact Review

Beuberry-Chariot-Blue-700x700 Beuberry-Chariot-Blue-b-700x700



These are the pictures they have up on their site of the contacts.

In the picture they look a bit more royal blue than they really are, but I personally don’t mind.

I found Uniqso back in April or May, but the prices were cheap for both the actual contacts and shipping and they come in quick too!

Color: 5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Enlargement: 5/5

They’re definitely blue! You can see it in any lighting a difference in eye color. They’re such a pretty color.

The comfort isn’t terrible. They’re wearable but it just takes a little time for your eyes to get used to them. I haven’t worn them for more than about an hour yet so I can’t say how long the wear time is before they start to get uncomfortable – if they do get uncomfortable that is.

Enlargement is amazing! I feel like I have real life anime eyes!


The bottles come in a cute little box


And inside they’re wrapped up in bubble wrap


The little bottles they come in


In the bottle


In the lens case


Comparison between the contact size and my real eye without flash.


Comparison between the contact size and my real eye with flash.


Both of the contacts in without flash.


Both of the contacts in with flash.

You can get the contacts here : Bueberry Chariot Blue

(note: I’m just starting to do reviews so I’m not quite sure what to cover, but hopefully I’ll get better as time goes on!)


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