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Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon

Scrolling through Tumblr I found a post with a series of different Pokemon drawn in a Tim Burton style. They’re seriously on point and super cool. They’re drawn by Hatboy on Tumblr.

Go here to see more of his cool pokemon : Hatboy Pokemon

But besides that he’s also an amazing artist and has a unique style so be sure to check out the rest of his artwork on his page!

tumblr_nc5s76fUuo1s1vn29o1_500 tumblr_nc5s76fUuo1s1vn29o2_500 tumblr_nc5s76fUuo1s1vn29o3_500 tumblr_nc5s76fUuo1s1vn29o5_500 tumblr_nc5s76fUuo1s1vn29o9_500 tumblr_nc5s76fUuo1s1vn29o10_500


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